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About Ammos

Ammos Luxury Rooms & Home opened in May 2019 in a fully renovated and especially designed space so that it can offer comfort and relaxation to its visitors. Respecting the tradition but at the same time fully harmonized with the modern trends of decoration and aesthetics, we created a unique space in a very calm and quiet location, but in a distance of 5 minutes by foot from the very famous harbor of Naoussa.

Our lodging is reasonably added within the most luxurious and modern units in the field of hospitality in Naoussa, considering that our primary goal is to offer you unique moments and make your stay at our island an unforgettable experience. Either you choose to relax and cool yourself at the Piperi beach, which is very close to our lodging, or you choose to wander around the beauties of our island, it’s certain that Ammos Luxury Rooms & Home will become the most ideal starting point of an adventure in one of the prettiest islands of the Aegean Sea.


The Destination


Paros is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations of the Aegean. The third biggest island of Cyclades has accomplished to combine harmonically the picturesque beauty of an island with the cosmopolitan aura.

Known for its white marble, that has given form in many famous statues of the Greek classic period, Paros keeps maintaining this unspoiled beauty that can charm every visitor, combined with the crystal clear seawater.


At the northern part of the island, the gulf of Naoussa looks like it’s opening its arms to welcome its visitors, forming like that one of the most iconic little harbors of the Aegean. Naoussa, a traditional village with a cosmopolitan wind, is going to charm you with its beauty.

Its iconic harbor, the white little alleys and its half sunk observatory of the venetian castle combined with the intense night life and the high class facilities have accomplished to establish Naoussa as a gem of the Cyclades with visitors coming from all around the world to admire it and surrender to its ‘arms’.